2008 Volkswagen R32 in Deep Blue Metallic

Salvage title. I purchased this from an auto auction and have all the documentation that should be needed to title the car, after it’s repaired.

This was in my garage up until recently. I currently keep it covered. The cover is included with the purchase.

Parts: I have a 2008 GTI parts car that I listed at the same time as this. It has the majority of what’s needed to make this car whole, except the front bumper. Or put the R32 drive train in the GTI… I have a hood and 2 fenders that aren’t officially included but you are more than welcome to take them, if you wish. I have the damaged bumper that is also included. Have a clean set of front wheel well liners that’s also included.

Exterior: Front end damage. Bumper, fenders and hood need to be replaced. I have a good OEM grille that comes with it. Yellow strap is to keep the radiator/condenser from falling and is overkill. Front left wheel has a new control arm and wheel bearing as they were needed to roll the car.

Interior: Great condition. Radio is missing. I didn’t find any tears or burns in the seats. Headliner would need to be replaced. Door cards are good. Only real bad thing I noticed, aside from the headliner, is the shifter bezel.

Engine: Does not start. Starter clicks once. I replaced it and used a jump box… same thing. Engine spins freely. I pulled all the spark plugs to be sure there was no water or oil inside, all 6 were clean. I believe the wreck engaged some sort of safety function preventing the engine from starting. I have no intention of doing any further diagnosing… I suspect the car ran fine when it hit whatever it hit. There’s no physical damage to the engine at all.

Everything else: Windows won’t go down and some other odd things don’t work. I suspect this is all related to whatever is preventing the engine from starting up. There is some frame damage. AC was properly evacuated (still had refrigerant..).

Comes with 1 key and 2 manuals (no clue why there are 2 R32 branded manuals…).

No battery included.

Price: Auction

More info: Click here to see original eBay auction and get more information (Affiliate link)

Location: Longwood, Florida, United States