Gorgeous, and LOADED, 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T  that we recently purchased from an insurance company with easy front collision damage. This Challenger mainly needs a front bumper, left head light, left fender, a hood, cooling, rad support, windshield  and repairs to the left inner fender.   On a good note; this car runs and lot drives and there is no damage to the motor or, drive train. There doesn’t appear to be any frame damage, and The Airbags DID NOT Deploy! The engine and exhaust note sound amazing, and the transmission shifts smoothly.   The rest of the body is in excellent,   and undamaged condition. It comes in a beautiful Pitch Black Clearcoat metallic exterior. The paint is smooth, glossy, and this R/T really shines and shows well. The interior is complete, all original and very clean.

Brooklyn, New York, United States